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How Chipotle’s Founder Is Moving Beyond Burritos

Chipotle Mexican Grill founder Steve Ells built an empire on chicken and beef burritos made in assembly-line fashion. Now he’s dropping the meat and is adding machines...

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Steve Ells Is Still Trying to Solve Lunch
When Chipotle Mexican Grill first opened in Denver in 1993, it was unusual in that, unlike legacy fast-food chains, it looked like real food you’d cook at home. But unlike at home, you could have an order customized and watch a staffer assemble it: It was called the anti-McDonald’s, and spun off imitators around the country.

Steve Ells Is Still Trying to Solve Lunch

He built Chipotle and its burrito bowls. Now he’s obsessed with vegan burgers cooked by robots.

At Hudson Eats, an upscale food court in lower Manhattan, the bankers and media workers descending from nearby office towers can find anything they dream of for lunch — so long as they dream in bowl form...

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